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  2. Editor’s note: The links to James’s course are affiliate links. We’re proud to help James get the word out about her course, which is terrific.
    I totally agree. But what happens when you end your post with an invitation for feedback or discussion and nobody bites? That happens to me about half the time I end a post with a call for feedback. Then the post just sits there looking lonely for a few days before I move on.

  3. Ha ha… I told James he was setting himself up on this one just before your comment came in. Too funny. 🙂
    I tend to see a lack of comments when we blatantly ask for commentary or ask a question that is way too open (such as, “What’s your experience?”). The way you word your ending has to be compelling enough that the reader *wants* to tell you about his or her experience. Just asking for it flat out isn’t enough.

  4. Another problem is that your content hasn’t related to the reader in a direct way. It may be sound advice and great content, but if the reader doesn’t see himself or herself in the situation, no comments follow. Nod, good post, and on they go.
    Often, our posts that are the most informational get the least commentary. We’ve said it all. No point to add more. The ones that generate the most commentary are the ones that include our emotion, thoughts, or personal experiences. Readers feel we’re talking straight to them, not talking out at the blogosphere.

  5. @ Rob – I predict 50 comments. There’s no way we’ll pass that. I wonder who’ll end up being the one who hits that mark, though. Heh, if I time it right, it’ll be me.
    Thank you for the reminder. I wish I’d had it when I did my last post…Yet I will remember for the future.

  6. bah. comments just equal more work. I’m KIDDING! Congrats on a great post James. I was pleased to see you in my inbox.
    You know what? It’s interesting… most of the time, when I ask for feedback in the form of comments, I don’t really get any… but when I don’t do anything… I get a ton of comments.Take for instance this post… 7 Motivational Quotes to start your day, everyday!

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