Thoughtful Tuesday


“The question is whether or not you choose to disturb the world around you, or if you choose to let it go on as if you had never arrived” -Ann Patchett, writer (b. 2 Dec. 1963)


About Jeff Pine

Jeff Pine is an Irish, Malta-based blogger, freelance writer, truth-seeker, mistake-maker, lesson-learner and founder of Jeff (nom de plume) has overcome various ailments such as poor digestion (symptoms of IBS), a debilitating form of psoriasis and extreme mental fog (poor memory).'s mission is to disseminate favourable information on positive living, bio-hacking, how to clean up our lifestyle by making informed decisions about the food and water we consume and much more.
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  1. ankara spotcu olarak eşyalarınızı nakit olarak değerinden alıyoruz.

  2. Türkiye’nin en iyi güzellik merkezleri rehberi sizlerle

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